Song of the day: Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse – "Hollywood"

November 27, 2010

Scott Thurling (hi, Scotty!), the chap who runs Popboomerang Records, sent me a message the other day about Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse. Scotty sounded terribly excited as he pointed me in the direction of one of their music videos and simply said: “u gotta get this CD”.

This is what Scotty recommended:

Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse – “Hollywood” (2009)


Yes, indeedy. I like it. Thanks for the suggestion, my good fellow.

By the way, Scotty, I’m happy to buy the CD, but where can I get it? And can I get it cheap? (I’m always on the lookout for a bargain.)

Also by the way, and rather confusingly, there are two Australan artists called Matt Purcell – but they have slightly different styles of music. The one with The Blessed Curse is the power poppy one, whereas the one known simply as Matt Purcell (he’s not associated with any curse that I know of) is a more sensitive, singer-songwriter kind of guy (think John Mayer for the Souhern Hemisphere).

Here’s the non-cursed Matt Purcell to give you an idea of how different the two Australian Matt Purcells are (why do they have to both be Australian?):

Matt Purcell – “Alive With You” (2008)

As far as I’m aware, neither of those Purcells are related to Henry:

Henry Purcell (1658-1695) – Fantasia à 5 “Upon one note”
(Orchestra of the 18th Century, conducted by Frans Brüggen)


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