Song of the day: Matthew Sweet – "Sick Of Myself"

October 28, 2011

Whenever I’m in the mood for a mid-tempo pop song with the guitars dialled all the way up to “cheerfully obnoxious”, this is what I usually want to hear:

[Advice: for maximum effect, you may want to listen to this at maximum volume]

Matthew Sweet – “Sick Of Myself” (1995)


Before I finish this post, I just want to mention what may be an alarming trend* for musicians on Wikipedia. The photo for Señor Sweet on his Wikipedia page is what I’d describe as less than flattering (translation: it’s dreadful). It’s this:

And it really doesn’t help that the original photo is 1713 x 1147 pixels. (In other words: enormous.)

To the person who put that photo on the page: What were you thinking?

Matthew Sweet official website
Matthew Sweet on MySpace
Matthew Sweet on Facebook

(*I think it could be a trend because Wikipedia used a less-than-flattering photo for hotshot guitarist Eric Johnson, too. I’m aware of this because I put Eric’s music on the blog some time ago, back when I was in a hotshot-instrumentalist phase, and happened to notice how ghastly Eric’s photo was – and still is.)