Musical coincidences # 188

March 4, 2012

Facebook Friend (and all-round good guy) Scott Thurling (Hi, Scott!) posted a song on his Wall a couple of days ago. It’s by Australian band The Mavis’s on his Wall, and I hadn’t heard it before. A bit of it reminded me of a song by British band The Feeling, and that’s prompted today’s coincidence. Thanks, Scott, for posting that song!

The Mavis’s – “Box” (1996) (excerpt)


The Feeling – “I Want You Now” (2006) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Mavis’s – “Box” (1996)


The Feeling – “I Want You Now” (2006)


Song of the day: The Mavis’s – "Cry"

August 7, 2009

Here’s pop-glam-electronica-techno-something outfit The Mavis’s with “Cry”:

The Mavis’s – “Cry” (1998)


However you want to describe the band, the song itself is full o’ sugary hooks. The Mavis’s were fronted by singing siblings and Matt and Becky Thomas. I found some of the things they sang, as brother-and-sister, a mite disturbing. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe these things are acceptable nowadays. (I have a feeling that just about anything goes nowadays…) Nevertheless, I think “Cry” is one mighty good pop song.