Song of the day: Max Frost and the Troopers – "Shape Of Things To Come"

April 10, 2012

Today’s song is a sort of coda to a post from two days ago.

I posted “The Shape Of Things To Come” by Scottish power pop band The Headboys, and commenter “fitzall” (Hi, onesize!) mentioned that he thought the song was a newer version of a song from the 1960’s called “Shape Of Things To Come“. The Fitzmeister discovered that the songs weren’t the same – they just share the name.

Young Mr. Fitz sent me the 1960’s song to hear the difference. (Thanks, onesize!) I had a listen to it, thought “Groovy!”, and here it is:

Max Frost and the Troopers – “Shape Of Things To Come (1968)


The Wikipedia entry for the 60’s song stated two things I found interesting:

1. It was written by Brill Building songwriting team Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil; and

2. Two versions were released in 1968, a vocal one (see above) and an instrumental one by Davie Allan & The Arrows.

Here’s the instrumental version:

Davie Allan & The Arrows – “Shape Of Things To Come (1968)


Thanks, fitzall, for letting me know about the other “Shape Of Things To Come”.