Song of the day: Max Merritt And The Meteors – "Been Away Too Long"

April 18, 2012

Quite a while ago I played you Max Merritt & The Meteors‘ version of the oft-covered “Hey, Western Union Man“.

I’m glad I played it to you, and not just because it’s my favourite version of the song. I’m glad because a chap by the name of Brian (Hi, Brian!) left a comment saying that he’s about to release an album of a 1969 Max Merritt & The Meteors concert that was taped by two teenagers (one of them was Brian) then lost, forgotten about, remembered, found, digitised, mastered, and made ready for release.

The album, Been Away Too Long, is being released on 30 April. (Or April 30 if you’re from the United States of Americans. But regardless of where you live – and how you display dates – the album will be available everywhere from the 30th day in April.)

Thanks to Brian (and Bandcamp), you can hear it here:

I like how raucous it is.

By the way, the LosTraxx Records website will give you more than everything you’ll ever need to know about the album and the grand adventure of how it eventually came to be.

Thanks, Brian!

Update: The Thing I Completely Forgot About

Brian just informed me that the album will be available from April 30.

Why didn’t I mention that in the post? [Insert emoticon of man slapping forehead here.]

Update II: You Can Ignore The First Update

I’ve just discovered that I did mention the album’s release date. (It’s in the third paragraph.) And it goes to show how much attention I pay to my own posts.

Max Merritt & The Meteors official website
Max Merritt & The Meteors on Bandcamp
LosTraxx Records website
LosTraxx Records on Facebook

Song of the day: Max Merritt And The Meteors – "Slipping Away"

July 9, 2010

I know played you a track by these artists just the other day, but my friend Col (Hi, Col!) reminded me of another one of their songs, one that I positively insist on you hearing as soon as possible:

Max Merritt And The Meteors – “Slipping Away” (1975)


That was the full-length album version. There’s a shorter radio edit which cuts the song off at the dramatic pause (at 3:25), but I’m not interested in playing you that. No sirree Bob*.

Official website

(*If your name isn’t Bob then please substitute your own in that sentence.)

Song of the day: Max Merritt And The Meteors – "Hey, Western Union Man"

June 26, 2010

One of my friend Frank’s suggestions from yesterday was a song called “Western Union”. That title instantly reminded me of:

Max Merritt And The Meteors – “Hey, Western Union Man (1969)


Max Merritt is a chap from New Zealand who came over to Australia in the Sixties and made it big (well, big in Australia).

Here’s the original:

Jerry Butler – “Hey, Western Union Man (1968)


I was surprised to discover that there are quite a few versions of this particular ditty (I had foolishly thought that there were only those two). However, Max’s is the only Australian(-ish) version that I’m aware of.

Here are two other versions I like:

Diana Ross And The Supremes – “Hey, Western Union Man (1969)


Grant Green – “Hey, Western Union Man (1970)


I have to say that after listening to quite a few renditions of this particular ditty, the one by Max Merritt And The Meteors is still my favourite.

Max Merritt And The Meteors official website