Song of the day: Mi-Sex – "Computer Games"

May 23, 2012

If you’re a) Australian, b) grew up listening to the radio in the 1970s, and c) reading this post, there’s an exceedingly high chance that you’re well aware of today’s song. (And there’s an even greater chance that this infernally catchy song is still stuck in your head after all these years.)

However, if you’re not from the land of Australians then it’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard this song – and that’s the main reason I’m playing it here today.

Either way, please enjoy New Zealand Australian band Mi-Sex with their first major hit single (number one in Australia):

Mi-Sex – “Computer Games (1979)


Song of the day: Mi-Sex – "People"

April 7, 2012

Today’s song isn’t power pop, and it’s barely Australian (the band’s from New Zealand), but it’s currently stuck in my brain:

Mi-Sex – “People” (1980)


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Song of the day: Mi-Sex – "Falling In And Out"

October 8, 2010

Here’s New Zealand Australian band Mi-Sex with “Falling In And Out” (1982):

Mi-Sex – “Falling In And Out” (1982)


For what it’s worth*, that reminds me a lot of Missing Persons‘ “Words” – but possibly with better tunes.

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(*It ain’t worth a lot.)

Musical coincidences # 13

July 22, 2009

Yesterday’s Song of the day prompted this particular musical coincidence. It’s a very small coincidence, but it’s stuck in my brain, and I need to get it out somehow.

Here’s a section of Mi-Sex‘s “Lost Time” (1:16 into the song):

The bit I want to focus on is the very start of that section. If you didn’t catch it, here it is on its own:

Sound familiar?

Here’s the main riff/rhythm of Power And The Passion” by a band I might get into trouble for mentioning:

Yes, indeed.

Now, “Lost Time” and “Power And The Passion” were both released as singles in 1982, but my question is: which was released first? Is it purely a coincidence? If not, then who pinched whose idea? But the most important question of all is: does any of this matter? Questions, questions…

Anyway, here are the full versions of each song:

Mi-Sex – “Lost Time” (1982)

A band I might get into trouble for mentioning – “Power And The Passion (1982)

Song of the day: Mi-Sex – "Shanghaied!"

July 21, 2009

Here are melodramatic rockers Mi-Sex with the mean, moody, and magnificent “Shanghaied!”:

Mi-Sex – “Shanghaied!” (1981)


“Shanghaied!” is the title track of their third album, released in 1981. It also appears on their 1988 best-of, ’79-’85 – mainly because it’s a good song.

Having pretty much forgotten all about Mi-Sex until recently, I found out all sorts of fascinating things about them when ferreting about the Internet for a bit of memory-jogging information. Up until now, my entire knowledge of Mi-Sex consisted of the following:

  1. They’re from New Zealand;
  2. I’ve seen them on Countdown a few times; and
  3. I have two of their albums.

I now know, courtesy of this incredibly informative page, that lead singer Steve Gilpin started out as a cabaret artist, and that the rest of the band started their career without him as a bunch of hippy prog rockers. Going nowhere in New Zealand with either of those pursuits, they joined forces and decided that an image (and sound) change was in order. They donned the leather and named themselves after an Ultravox song (“My Sex“), and adopted a tougher sound. (Come to think of it, Mi-Sex did sound a bit like Ultravox…)

So, from this:

to this:

Jeepers! What a difference a year can make when you’re desperate for success.

Anyway, they moved to Australia, quickly got themselves a large following, snared a record deal, released a few records, and became rather successful for about five years – the standard time in the Seventies for a band to be in the spotlight (nowadays it’s six months).

Incidentally, I’m currently listening to a song on ’79-’85, and a part of it sounds very reminiscent of a well-known Midnight Oil song. Methinks there’s an upcoming musical coincidence involving the aforementioned bands.

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