Song of the day: Mickey Finn – "Animal"

January 18, 2011

It’s been a while since we’ve boogied on this blog, so…

[Beware: the lyrics contain a couple of expletives towards the end of the song – but some great guitar playing.]

Mickey Finn – “Animal” (1980)


I reckon the guitar work on that track is “smokin’ hot”. (I think that’s the phrase people use to describe music that’s energetic and well-played.)

Trivia time: Mickey Finn were an Adelaide band that began life in 1970 as a Sydney hippy prog rock band called Fraternity. Fraternity relocated to Adelaide in 1971 and went through a pile of line-up changes over the years (as well as changing its name a couple of times) until it ended up as blues rock band Mickey Finn in 1980. And one year later, they broke up. Ah, the music industry.