Song of the day: Mike Barnett – "The Love I Have For You"

October 20, 2011

Today’s song is from a chap I’d never met before until he emailed me with a request to play one or two of his songs on the blog. The chap in question is Mike Barnett (Hi, Mike!), and he said something along the lines of: “Hey, Peter – would you mind puttin’ me songs on yer blog?”

(I must confess that Mike didn’t actually use those words in his email. He was grammatically more accurate than the above attempt at relating the gist our electronic meeting.)

I know that sometimes when I listen to music I get nitpicky, but I was very pleased that I noticed only two nitpicky things in today’s song. I won’t point them out because I don’t think it’d be terribly fair on Mike to highlight a couple of little things when the overall his music is enjoyable. (Believe it or not, I don’t go looking for faults in recordings. They just let me know they’re there.)

Incidentally, the last time I mentioned what I thought were faults in a recording by a new artist I received a none-too-happy reply from said artist*, so in the interests of smooth relations with people I, I’m happy to keep silent on matters of unimportance and let you listen with your own ears.

This was my favourite of the songs Mike sent me:

Mike Barnett – “The Love I Have For You” (2011)


I’ll play you one more song.

Beware: if you’re going to listen to this song with headphones, be prepared for the shock of hearing the song start with an acoustic guitar in the right channel (and I mean completely in the right channel – there’s nothing in the left channel, and it felt weird that there was no sound at all going into my left ear when the song started).

Mike Barnett – “Amy Moon” (2011)


Hopefully, those songs will give you a taste of Mike’s music.

By the way, those songs appear on Mike’s album, Bigger Than This, which received a review over at the Absolute Powerpop blog (Hi, Absolute!). That review is much more helpful than this post.

Also by the way…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I reckon that in the photo on the cover of the album (see above) Mike looks a little like Eric Clapton in acoustic mode:


Maybe if I reverse that so Eric is facing the same direction as Mike:

I think I’ve just wasted your time. Sorry about that.

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Mike Barnett on Facebook (I think that’s him)

(*The artist, who shall remain nameless, wondered what the point was of promoting their music if I was going to pick it to bits.)