Song of the day: Mike Hodgin & His Amigos – "Mr. Baby"

February 11, 2013

A couple of days I was rejoicing that I only had three more new band requests to take care of.

Well, my réjouissance was a little premature. I’ve been accosted by two more musicians.

One of them is Mike Hodgin (Hi, Mike!), who has a band called His Amigos.

Mike said that he and his band had recorded four songs, but thought that I’d only be interested in one of them, “Mr. Baby”, due to my musical tastes.

I couldn’t help myself. I listened to all four.

For these songs, I’m going to do my darnedest to be as succinct as humanly possible. I’m going to give myself the challenge of reviewing each song with one word only.

OK. Here we go…

Mike Hodgin & His Amigos – “Mr. Baby (2012)


(This is the song Mike wanted me to hear. I was going to call it “repetitive”, but that’s not terribly charitable. By the way, the main tune reminds me very much of something else. What is it? It sounds so much like another song, but I can’t put my finger ear on it. What is it?*)

(*Update: I’ve figured it out. The sound of the guitar in “Mr. Baby” reminds me of the guitar sound in this Australian TV ad.)

Mike Hodgin & His Amigos – “Knock ‘Em Dead (2013)


(I think I actually prefer this one to the song Mike wanted me to hear.)

Mike Hodgin & His Amigos – “I’m Your Vampire Baby (2013)


(In addition to angsty teenage vampires, the combination of the rampant blues guitar playing and the, er, “loose” vocal delivery reminded me of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy.)

Mike Hodgin & His Amigos – “GARston-6922 (2013)


(I was going to call it “Lovemedohickey” because of Mike’s harmonica part sounding like the harmonica part played by one J. Lennon in the 1962 debut single by a band from Liverpool.)

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