Song of the day: Tim Christensen, Mike Viola & Tracy Bonham – "Venus & Mars/Rock Show"

February 15, 2013


Tim Christensen, Mike Viola, & Tracy Bonham – “Venus And Mars/Rock Show (2012)

And the original:

Wings – “Venus And Mars/Rock Show (1975)


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Song of the day: Mike Viola – "Get You Back"

September 19, 2012

Well, I had no intention of playing you any more Mike Viola songs for a while because I’d already played you a song from each of the four Mike Viola CDs I bought recently. (My standard procedure for this blog: if I buy a CD, there’s a very strong chance I’m going to play you a song from it.)


Here’s a question: Have you ever become interested in an artist and gone into a CD-buying frenzy, snapping up the collected works of said artist, and at the end of your CD-buying frenzy you think to yourself “Good – now I have a decent amount of CDs by [insert name of favourite artist here]”? You have? Excellent. Then you wait gleefully by the letterbox, as the CDs come in one by one. But after that, have you found yourself a short time later receiving a CD in the mail, and as you open the package you find yourself with a puzzled look on your face. You think to yourself “Hang on a minute – didn’t I already buy that CD?” Then you look at your recent CD purchases and you discover that you had indeed already bought that CD. So now you have two. Oops.

I’ve done this a few times now. (And I can thank my poor memory for it.)

The latest instance of doubling-up in the CD department was with Mike Viola’s Electro De Perfecto. I now have two copies.

I don’t need two copies of Electro De Perfecto, so I’m happy to offload one of them in the direction of someone who wants it. If you don’t have it, would you like it? Just send me an email, and I’ll hurl it towards you at the speed of whatever it is that sends it to you.

In the meantime, courtesy of that second copy of Electro De Perfecto here’s another song from it:

Mike Viola – “Get You Back” (2011)


Official website

Song of the day: Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers – "Fall Back Down"

September 15, 2012

The fourth Mike Viola CD arrived in the post t’other day. It’s Falling Into Place, and deciding which song from it to play to you proved to be rather difficult because there are at least five Grade-A Proper Power Pop Songs on it.

I’ve gone with this one:

Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers – “Fall Back Down” (1999)


Courtesy of commenter side3 (Hi, Sidey!) who told me about it, here’s a mini-documentary/promo video for Falling Into Place:

Thanks, Sidester.

Official website

Song of the day: Candy Butchers – "What To Do With Michael"

September 13, 2012

The third Mike Viola CD arrived in the post*. It’s Hang On Mike (credited to the Candy Butchers, but it’s basically Mike and friends), and I must confess that after one listen I’m especially keen on it. (Note to self: Listen to it more than once.)

However, there were two tracks that I liked immediately. This is one of them:

Candy Butchers – “What To Do With Michael” (2004)


(*See here for clarification.)

Song of the day: Mike Viola – "Soundtrack Of My Summer"

September 9, 2012

As threatened earlier, here’s another song by Mike Viola:

Mike Viola – “Soundtrack Of My Summer” (2011)


And there’s more to come. Be warned.

Song of the day: Candy Butchers – "You Belong To Me Now"

September 5, 2012

The first of my four Mike Viola CDs arrived in the post the other day*, and after listening to it I now have the chorus of track 3 firmly stuck in my head.

This is track 3:

Candy Butchers – “You Belong To Me Now” (2002)


(*Please see the comments for this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)