Song of the day: Mimi Betinis – "Love Is Just A Thin Veneer"

June 12, 2011

I was contacted by an American chap by the name of Mimi Betinis who used to be in a power pop band called Pezband and has recently released a solo album after not releasing anything for the last, er, couple of decades.

(Terrible admission: Such is my love of puns that throughout this post I’ve constantly been resisting the urge to call this gentleman “Mini Bikinis”. Sorry, Mimi, for even thinking that.)

The album is called All That Glitters. Mimi may be self-deprecating here, implying that his songs aren’t gold. If they’re not, then I’d say his songs are at least silver, or bronze.

Actually, I’ll let you decide. Here are a couple of songs from the album:

Mimi Betinis – “Love Is Just A Thin Veneer” (2011)


Mimi Betinis – “Blue Sky” (2011)


If “Blue Sky” was a little too polite for you, here’s something dirtier:

Mimi Betinis – “Come On Down To My House” (2011)


Oops. I know three songs isn’t “a couple”, but I enjoyed them and wanted you to hear that there’s a bit of variety to Mimi’s songs.

Incidentally, instead of using the album cover at the top of this post, I was originally going to go with a photo of Mimi. I decided against it, not because of his appearance but because of how he’s positioned in the photo:

To me, Mimi looks as if he’s trapped in between two buildings, or trying to stand in the smallest alleyway imaginable. Either way, Mimi doesn’t look terribly comfortable.

But you didn’t come here to look at photos. It’s all about the music, baby. And I think Mimi’s music is more than alright. (You can’t argue with catchy songs.)

And I’m very glad that I didn’t call Mimi “Mini Bikinis” once in this post.

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