Song of the day: Missing Sibling – "Pick A Family"

January 30, 2013

The band requests continue.

This request comes to you courtesy of Missing Sibling, a “noise pop trio from Texas”. (That’s what they call themselves.)

The Missibs asked me to listen to their music way back in the middle of December last year.

I finally got around to listening to their EP, Pick A Family, and…

Alas, now that I’ve heard it a few times I must confess that the music of the Singlings reminded me a bit too much of Guided By Voices, a band I’m not especially enamoured of. The Issi-blings’ music has the same slightly low-key, slightly distant sound that Guided By Voices specialise in.

However, I don’t want to make this post one big moan about music I’m not terribly fond of.

Instead, I’ll mention one of the things I did enjoy.

I enjoyed the sound of the bass guitar in “Pick A Family” from 0:54-1:25, especially the last two notes (1:22-1:25). The sound is fat and fuzzy, and as a bass player I love a fat ‘n’ fuzzy bass sound. (It’s one reason why The StranglersJean-Jacques Burnel is one of my favourite bass players. Example here.)

By the way, and this is a minor moan, but I have a logic problem with “Pick A Family” in relation (ho ho) to the band name. If the sibling is missing, how can they pick a family?

But I should get back to talking about things I liked about the musique à la Missing Sibling.

I liked the fuzz bass at the start of “Passion In Your Paint“. Oops. I’ve already mentioned fuzz bass. Sorry.

Also in “Passion In Your Paint”, I liked the tom-tom work (e.g., 1:46-1:54 and 2:02-2:10). It was nice not to hear the hi-hat or ride cymbals for the entire length of the song. (I like variety.)

There were a few other enjoyable things, but they’re miniscule and not interesting enough to mention. (Do you really want to hear about drum sticks clicking together four times in the space of two seconds?)

I’ll just leave it at that, and present you with the music. You might like it more than I did.

As hinted at earlier (in the fourth paragraph), if you’re the kind of person who likes Guided By Voices then you’ll feel right at home with the music of Missing Sibling. Musically, they’re kissin’ cousins relatively similar:

Missing SiblingPick A Family (2012)

I must apologise for all the family references in this post. Believe it or not, they were entirely unintentional – but they just kept coming out. I guess the name Missing Siblings prompted my brain to go into Freudian overdrive.

(Going into self-analysis mode, I’d say it’s me subconsciously wishing there are no actual missing siblings anywhere.)

Hey chaps, for the sake of my mental health have you considered changing the name of the band to Found Siblings? Or how about Safe And Sound Siblings?