Song of the day: Grand Atlantic – "Tripwires"

September 13, 2009

Here’s Brisbane band Grand Atlantic with “Tripwires” (2009):


“Tripwires” appears on their latest album, How We Survive (2009).

Grand Atlantic has been described in various places as a power pop band. I don’t hear it myself in the majority of their songs – I think they’re more Oasis than Owsley. “Tripwires,” however, reminds me a bit of Fountains Of Wayne. It’s probably the synthesizers. And I like how the synthesizers end up sounding like kazoos.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Models recently, but “Tripwires” also reminds me of Models’ “Big On Love” (1983). See what you think:


(It’s the sliding of the chords D to E in “Tripwires” that made me think of “Big On Love.”)

Grand Atlantic on MySpace

Song of the day: Models – "God Bless America"

September 11, 2009

Today’s song isn’t especially what you’d call a power pop song, but it follows on nicely from yesterday’s Song of the day which featured James Freud and The Radio Stars and the chirpy “Modern Girl”. When James disbanded The Radio Stars, he went off and joined Models (no “The” – just Models) as their bass player and backing vocalist. Here, for your listening enjoyment, are Models with “God Bless America” (1983):


I’ve listened to this song plenty of times, and I still don’t whether it’s pro- or anti-America.

(Any assistance in this would be mightily appreciated. If you’re American, how do you feel about the song? Do you get any particular vibes from it?)

Anyway, “God Bless America” appears on The Pleasure Of Your Company (1983), a splendid album.