Song of the day: What,Really? – "Ophelia (Among The Flowers)"

March 9, 2013

I received an email from a chap called Matteo (Hi, Matteo!) who is a member of an Italian band called What,Really?.

Mattheo pointed me in the direction of an EP containing four songs the band recorded. These four songs:

What,Really?What,Really? (2013)

I didn’t mind them at all. (Except for the galloping hi-hats in tracks 3, “Ninja Expert“. I wasn’t especially fond of those cymbals going “ts-ts-ts-ts-ts-ts…” at breakneck speed.)

Coincidences The Band May Not Want Me To Mention

I don’t know how the band feels about this, but when I listened to the first two songs I found myself thinking of a couple of other songs not by them.

For example, this part of “Ophelia (Among The Flowers)“…

What,Really? – “Ophelia (Among The Flowers) (2013) (excerpt)


…reminded me of this:

Modern English – “I Melt With You (1982) (edited excerpt)


And a little guitar part in “Dandy Hobo”…

What,Really? – “Dandy Hobo (2013) (excerpt)


…reminded me of a similar guitar part in XTC‘s “Generals And Majors”:

XTC – “Generals And Majors” (1980) (excerpt)


(I won’t present you with the full versions of those non-What,Really? songs – this is a post about Matteo’s band after all – but if you want to hear them, they’re over at YouTube: Modern English here; and XTC here.)

Thanks, Matteo, for letting me know about yer band.


Song of the day: The Someloves – "Melt"

November 1, 2009

Here are The Someloves with “Melt” (1989):


The Someloves released only one album, Something Or Other (1989), which was produced by Mitch Easter (you can tell – it has his jangly pawprints all over it). The album is highly regarded by the power pop cognoscenti – it’s apparently the only Australian album on Goldmine Magazine‘s list of top 10 power pop albums of all-time (I don’t know for sure, as I haven’t seen the list myself).

“Melt” reminds me of a few things, but none of them are major enough to warrant a Musical coincidence (plus I prefer the Musical coincidences to involve well-known songs). To begin with, the guitar riff sounds very much like the main melody of the chorus of “Baby It’s You” (1978) by Promises:

And “Melt”‘s verse, cruising along on D major then C major, reminds me of the second half of the verse in “I Want You Back” (1985) by the Hoodoo Gurus, where Dave Faulkner sings “Then she left (as people do)…” at the 27-second mark:


And, lastly, the song’s name reminds me of “I Melt With You” (1982) by Modern English. (How’s that for not worth mentioning?)