Song of the day: The Mommyheads – "Worm"

June 16, 2010

After yesterday’s detour into Rush territory, we’re back to bands that have mystifyingly emailed me asking to be mentioned on this here blog. (I still can’t figure out why.)

Today’s band is from the US. They’re The Mommyheads, and they were active in the 90’s, recorded five albums, broke up in 1998, and then reformed to make an album in 2008. They seem to have had a fairly rabid cult following, because people having been raving above and beyond the call of duty about the recent remastered reissue of their 1994 album, Flying Suit:

The music blog Heroes of Indie Music said “This release might very well be the greatest indie reissue of 2010.” The Catbird Seat called the band “indie superheroes.” And back in 1994, New York Magazine called Flying Suit an “embarrassment of riches.”

Dromedary Records owner Al Crisafulli says that he knew Flying Suit was a great album, but when Magnet wrote “…thinking person’s pop, neither irritatingly intellectual or dauntingly progressive; they never forget the power of the solid backbeat and a great melody. And man, they rock onstage,” he began to realize how fortunate he was to have met these guys. And, as they toured the country, jumping on and off tour legs with the likes of The Posies and Guided By Voices, they won new fans everywhere they went.

Well, the proof’s in the pudding, as people from English-speaking countries like to say (I wonder what non-English speakers say at times like these), so here are a couple of tracks from Flying Suit to give you an idea what The Mommyheads sound like:

The Mommyheads – “Worm” (1994)


The Mommyheads – “Henry Miller Is Dead” (1994)


The Mommyheads have been compared to XTC, and I’m not surprised – “Worm” instantly reminded me of XTC in demented mode. (Lyrically, it reminded me of “Doctor Worm” by They Might Be Giants.)

If you liked what you heard, then you can hear the whole album streamed over at Dromedary Records.

Official website
The Mommyheads on MySpace
Buy Flying Suit on Dromedary Records