Song of the day: Moniters – "Lights Go Down"

May 13, 2011

I received an email about a new (to me, anyway) band called Moniters. Although there was an Australian band in the 80’s called The Monitors, as far as I can tell it isn’t the same band. This new band differentiates itself by: a) not being from the 80’s; and b) deliberately misspelling the name Monitors. I’m pretty sure they know it’s a deliberate misspelling because they even highlight the wrong letter in their logo:

Anyway, the Moniters have recorded an EP. (Their debut recording.) It’s called Sex City Lovers, and I reckon the boys in the band are trying to win female listeners with that title. When I saw the words “Sex City Lovers” I thought that maybe it was a subtle way of the guys in the band telling people that the EP is for “Lovers of Sex and the City”.

Enough of the fatuous comments. To the music!

Here’s a track from the EP. It’s called “Lights Go Down” and it starts with one of those “Bend the guitar notes, Pixies-style!” musical techniques:

Moniters – “Lights Go Down” (2011)


Here’s another track:

Moniters – “Losing Heart” (2011)


I didn’t mind those at all.

Incidentally, the band from the 80’s (The Monitors) had basically one hit, a catchy thing called “Singing In The 80’s”. Today’s post featuring the Moniters has conveniently provided me with an excuse to play you that catchy song by The Monitors:

The Monitors – “Singing In The 80’s” (1980)

Moniters on SoundCloud