Song of the day: Mouth & MacNeal – "How Do You Do?"

October 22, 2010

My friend Col (Hi, Col!) contacted me a couple of days ago with a huge dilemma. (Well, maybe not that huge.)

Col had an ultra-cheesy song pop into his head and for a moment thought about the potential for it appearing on this blog (thanks for thinking of the blog, Col). But almost immediately he began to fret. He frowned as he thought to himself: “Should I ask Peter to put it on the blog? Is it blog-worthy? I don’t know if it is or it isn’t. If I do ask Peter to put it on the blog and he knocks me back, will he hate me for suggesting it? But if Peter does put it on the blog, will people hate me for suggesting it? I don’t know what to do! What shall I do? Oh, no. This is dreadful. I just can’t decide whether to tell Peter or not.”

I may have been paraphrasing a little there, but that was the main gist* of it. Col was wracked with indecision (I think), so he decided to mention it and hope for the best. I like this song enormously, and have no qualms* in playing it. Although I guess you tend to come here for Australian power pop, I’m happy to play you a catchy song by a pop duo from the Netherlands.

If you haven’t heard the song before, I must warn you of two things:

1) It’s very cheesy; and
2) It’s horrendously catchy.

I can’t stress point 2 enough: “How Do You Do?” really is horribly marvellously unbelievably catchy. If you do choose to play it, you may end up with: a) this song stuck in your brain all day; and b) a thorough hatred of two people called Peter and Col.

Brace yourself:

Mouth & MacNeal – “How Do You Do?” (1972)


(*Do people use the words “gist” and “qualms” anymore?)