Song of the day: Muse – "Uno"

October 10, 2012

I’d like to state from the outset that I’m not a Muse fan at all. All that “they will try to suppress us” and “they can’t take away our freedom” nonsense, coupled with music that’s not particularly original, contributes to me not enjoying their music anywhere near as much as Muse’s squillions of fans apparently do.


My first encounter with Muse was an extremely enjoyable one. In 2000 they were in Australia for something or another (I don’t follow Muse’s exploits) and appeared on a music TV program to play what I found out later was their first single “Uno“. I had no idea who they were, but when they played the song I thought to myself “Whoah! That’s demented.” It was so over the top that I sat transfixed in front of the TV.

Since then, though, I heard a few more Muse songs and decided that Muse were not for me.

But I do like the wildness of that live version of “Uno”. And I’m extremely pleased that someone has put it on YouTube for me to enjoy again:

Muse – “Uno (live) (2000)

The studio version:

Update: It looks like someone somewhere (could it be Muse’s dreaded “they”?) has decided that some part of this post is a no-no, and removed the post from the blog. I’ve removed the MP3 which, I’m fairly sure, was the troublesome part of the post. If you still don’t see this post, then I’ll have to remove something else.

By the way, as far as I can tell Muse’s song is in no way related to the card game Uno.

Musical coincidences # 30

October 14, 2009

No sooner had I finished getting stuck into Muse for their liberal pilfering of the music of others in one of their songs when I came across another instance of Muse dipping into someone else’s music.

This time it’s classical music that gets the “Hey, let’s use that tune” treatment.

Here’s a bit of Muse’s “Hoodoo” from 2006’s highly regarded (not by me) Black Holes and Revelations:


That little bit of piano pounding happens 1:59 into the song.

And this is the beginning of the piano part in Tchaikovsky‘s Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23:


Given that they cheerfully steal from all manner of artists (e.g., Queen, Radiohead, T.Rex, Gary Glitter, Billy Idol, Blondie – and now Tchaikovsky), I’m beginning to wonder if Muse have any original ideas…

Anyway, here are the full versions (I know which one I prefer):

Muse – “Hoodoo” (2006)


TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23 (1888)
(Martha Argerich, piano; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Charles Dutoit)


Musical coincidences # 29

October 13, 2009

Today’s musical coincidence centres around Muse‘s recent single “Uprising.”

I’ve always thought of Music as Queen-meets-Radiohead, but here in this one song Muse manage to channel four other artists.

“Uprising” starts off sounding like a combination of T.Rex‘s “Hot Love” and Gary Glitter‘s “Rock And Roll Part 2“:

Muse – “Uprising (2009) (excerpt 1)


T.Rex – “Hot Love (1971) (excerpt)


Gary Glitter – “Rock And Roll Part 2 (1972) (excerpt)


It then quotes Billy Idol‘s “White Wedding“:

Muse – “Uprising (2009) (excerpt 2)


Billy Idol – “White Wedding (1982) (excerpt)


And then it nicks the “Call me!” bit from Blondie‘s “Call Me“:

Muse – “Uprising (2009) (excerpt 3)


Blondie – “Call Me (1980) (excerpt)


Yep, all of this is in “Uprising” – and all of it within the first minute.

And don’t get me started on the lyrics. The lyrics are all about repression, conspiracy, and paranoia. (The song constantly uses that favourite word of paranoiacs everywhere: “They.” Just who are “they”? Muse fans, can you help me out? It seems to me that not only are Muse channeling the music of a heap of artists, they’re also channelling the lyrical themes of Pink Floyd…)

Anyway, here are the full versions:

Muse – “Uprising (2009)


(Speaking of Queen-meets-Radiohead, the following live video comes from a couple of concerts that Muse held in their home town as a sort of “heroes’ return” after touring the world infecting people with their paranoia pleasing their international fans. They had the cheek to call the concerts A Seaside Rendezvous. Queen fans will know…)

Update: video no longer available courtesy of pesky copyright claims.

T.Rex – “Hot Love (1971)


Gary Glitter – “Rock And Roll Part 2 (1972)


Billy Idol – “White Wedding (1982)


Blondie – “Call Me (1980)