Song of the day: Nancy Wilson – "One Note Samba"

January 6, 2011

I’m playing you today’s song because it appeared on television last weekend in an old music variety program. The show was called Dig We Must (hosted by a male musical duo called Bobby and Laurie), and it first aired in 1966.

One of the songs performed on Dig We Must was something called “One Note Samba”. (I’d never heard it before, and its title wasn’t shown on screen when it played, so the Internet was pressed into service to discover its identity. Thank you, Internet.) A woman and two men (one on either side of her) looked very hip ‘n’ happenin’ as they sang “One Note Samba” in a Big Band kind of way. It was excellent.

Although every single aspect of the song was fabulously, wonderfully, hip ‘n’ happenin’ly cheesy, what really made me sit up and applaud were the lyrics.

The following line is in the song, and I think it qualifies for Lyric Of The Year:

“I’m bound to be the unavoidable consequence of you.”


I haven’t been able to find out who the woman and two men were performing “One Note Samba” on Dig We Must, so I’ve had to present you with an approximation. (But it’s a very good one.)

Here’s Nancy Wilson‘s recording of a song that sounds extremely similar to what I heard last weekend:

Nancy Wilson – “One Note Samba” (1964)



Nancy Wilson official website