Song of the day – Natsu Eats Ghosts – "I’m So Pretty"

July 11, 2011

The requests are coming thick and fast now. (And I’m loving it.)

This time it’s from a French chap called Samuel Cortes (Hi, Samuel!). Samuel has a band called Natsu Eats Ghosts, and he’s a one-man band – the kind of guy who writes the songs and plays and sings everything on the recording, as well as producing it himself.

Samuel describes his music as sounding like “Foo Fighters, Weezer, Ben Lee, The Wannadies“. As for those particular comparisons, I won’t be much help to you, because I didn’t hear much of any Foo Fighters in there (for instance, Samuel doesn’t spend most of the song shouting his lyrics). Nor did I detect any Ben Lee. And because I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard anything by The Wannadies, I’ve no idea if Samuel’s songs sound like them.

But as I was listening to the songs, I was thinking “Well, it’s got the Weezer sound – as in moderately slow songs with heavily distorted guitars – but that’s about it.”

(Update: I received an email from Samuel explaining the comparisons…

“I compare my music with the Foo Fighters because I try to make simple and dynamics drums, The Wannadies for the lyrics, and Ben Lee from his first album for the 3-chord songs I love! And ‘Natsu’ is a Japanese female name (translation: ‘summer’) and I love Japan!”

Thanks, Samuel!)

As for those songs themselves, I’m afraid I’m just not on their wavelength. Nothing really grabbed me by the musical collar. But I’m happy to give a couple of them exposure here.

Despite not appealing to my snobby tastes, this might tickle your musical fancy:

Natsu Eats Ghosts – “I’m So Pretty (2011)

You can hear more Natsu Eats Ghosts songs over at Bandcamp (that’s where I pinched the above track).

Although the songs I heard didn’t float my musical boat, there was a track that I thought noteworthy (no pun intended, believe it or not), if only from a musical theory point of view. The thing I found interesting in “Salayman” was the instrumental section in which the guitars in the left and right channels played completely different chords at the same time. In musical terminology, what they did was “polychordal”:

Natsu Eats Ghosts – “Salaryman

By the way, if you’re wondering who Natsu is, he’s the main character in a Japanese comic book called Fairy Tail, and he looks like this:

This video may or may not answer any or all of your questions:

Fairy Tale – Natsu vs Gajeel vs Gerard