Musical coincidences # 73

February 5, 2011

Loyal reader David of Williamstown (Hi, David!) alerted me to this coincidence. I wasn’t aware of it because it involves Oasis, a band I’m not especially fond of and haven’t heard much except for what was played on the radio in the 1990s, back when they were bigger than themselves.

Here’s the opening tune in Oasis’ “Whatever” (1994):


According to Neil Innes, that was a little too close identical to the opening tune in his song “How Sweet To Be An Idiot” (1973):


I’d agree with that.

Anyway, Neil pestered Oasis in a legal way (I suppose that’s the kind of thing you do if you have a lawyer), and Oasis gave money and a co-writing credit to satisfy Neil’s I’ve-been-wronged!-ness.

According to coincidence-pointer-out-erer David, this coincidence is fairly well-known. It’s mentioned in “Whatever”‘s Wikipedia entry, and somebody even posted it on YouTube:

Here are the full versions:

Note: Before you get to the full versions of both songs, I want to point out that Oasis’ “Whatever” comes in two lengths: the original 6:20 “album version”; and the mercifully trimmed 3:55 “radio edit”. I certainly won’t stop you if you want to play that 6-and-a-half-minute behemoth instead of the much more manageable radio edit. But the choice is yours…

Oasis – “Whatever (1994) (radio edit)


Oasis – “Whatever (1994) (the full catastrophe)


Neil Innes – “How Sweet To Be An Idiot” (1973)


Seeing as we’re in Oasis-bashing mode, I’ll post another coincidence involving them in a couple of days.