Musical coincidences # 88

March 3, 2011

Power Population (Hi, PP!) pointed me in the direction of today’s coincidence, as I knew nothing about it. It’s not a huge coincidence, but I think if PP was kind enough to let me know about it then I think it’s entirely fair that I let you know about it, too.

The coincidence involves two songs, one by Daryl Hall & John Oates and one by Neon Trees, doing the same thing:

/ / / /     / / / /     / / / /     / / / /    
F F B flat C

I know there are plenty of songs that have that chord progression (it’s very common in pop songs), but these two have the bonus of both being at pretty much the same tempo. There is one difference, though, but it’s small: with the Hall & Oates song, instead of the bass continuing to play F (the “root note”) in the second bar, it plays A instead (but the chord is still F for that bar). But apart from that, it’s the same. So much so, that it’s very easy to sing along to either song, using either melody. They’re interchangeable.

Right. That’s enough of the music theory lesson. Here are the those first four bars (repeated before the singing starts) from each group:

Daryl Hall & John Oates – “Italian Girls” (1982) (first four bars x 2)


Neon Trees – “1983 (2010) (first four bars x 2)



Here are the full versions:

Daryl Hall & John Oates – “Italian Girls” (1982)


Neon Trees – “1983 (2010)