Musical coincidences # 264

June 19, 2012

This coincidence is the result of the fabulous Steve Simels (whose name I keep wanting to type as “Steve Smiles” – Hi, Steve!) and a song he posted on the PowerPop blog some time ago. Although the post is old, old, old (from 2009), Steve mentioned it on Facebook the other day and that’s where I first heard about it. I have no idea why Steve was in the mood to mention something he posted back then, but I’m glad he did because it’s prompted this coincidence.

The song is “Won’t Find Better (Than Me)” by The New Hope. It’s five minutes long, and the first two-and-a-half minutes is taken up with some Springsteenesque piano noodling. The noodling contains snatches of a tune that eventually appears fully formed as the main tune of the chorus. This is the tune:

The New Hope – “Won’t Find Better (Than Me)” (1969) (excerpt)


That particular melody instantly reminded me of the main tune in power-popper Roger Klug‘s “About Time”, which Roger rather conveniently begins by singing the tune on its own:

Roger Klug – “About Time” (2009) (excerpt)


Thank you, Roger, for singing that on its own.

Here are the full versions:

The New Hope – “Won’t Find Better (Than Me)” (1969)


Roger Klug – “About Time” (2009)