Song of the day: Nick Martellaro – "Hello, Goodbye"

January 11, 2013

BB Steve (Hi, Steve!) over at the PowerPop blog recently posted a cover of Los Shakers‘ “Always You” that was performed by one-man-band wunderkind Nick Martellaro, a New Yorker in his twenties who adores the music of the 1960s.

(That sentence was way too long. Many apologies, grammar nerds.)

I enjoyed Nick’s cover a lot, so I went to his YouTube channel to see/hear what other songs he’d covered.

The answer: Plenty. Nick’s speciality seems to be Beatles songs, but he assiduously recreates (and occasionally reinterprets) 1960s songs from other bands as well.

I liked his Beatles tracks most of all, and I’ll put a couple of them here shortly, but first here’s the Los Shakers song in case you don’t know it (or don’t visit the PowerPop blog):

Los Shakers – “Always You” (1965)

Nick Martellaro – “Always You” (2001)


And now here are some of Nick’s Beatles covers:

Nick Martellaro – “Hello, Goodbye (2012)

Nick Martellaro – “I’m Only Sleeping (2012)

Nick Martellaro – “Baby’s In Black (2012)

The originals:

The Beatles – “Hello, Goodbye (1967)

The Beatles – “I’m Only Sleeping (1966)

The Beatles – “Baby’s In Black (1964)