Musical coincidences # 210

April 2, 2012

This coincidence is a bit of a hybrid. Two-thirds of it comes from a reluctant correspondent (Hi, person!), and I supplied the last bit.

The supplier of the coincidence was initially reluctant to mention it because it involves Nickelback, a band that makes our correspondent shudder. (He actually typed “shudder” next to their name in his email.) I guess Nickelback is one of those “I’m embarrassed to know this because they’re so awful” bands for He Who Shall Remain Nameless. (No, it’s not Lord Voldemort.)

Anyway, here’s what our trepid correspondent noticed:

Nickelback – “How I Remind You (2001) (excerpt)


Sum 41 – “The Hell Song (2003) (excerpt)



I didn’t know either of those songs, so I want to thank The Nameless One for letting me know about the coincidence.

If you look at just that coincidence, it appears that Sum 41 owe Nickelback a hearty thank-you for borrowing that melody. But I think that both bands owe a hearty thank-you to The Beatles:

The Beatles – “I’ve Got A Feeling (1970) (excerpt, right channel)


Here are the full versions:

Nickelback – “How I Remind You (2001)


Sum 41 – “The Hell Song (2003)


The Beatles – “I’ve Got A Feeling (1970)