Song of the day: Noelle Johnson – "Beautiful Soul"

February 21, 2013

I received an email from a chap called Zach (Hi, Zach!). Zach is from the very impressively named azntaiji multimedia.

Zach emailed me on behalf of a young musician by the name of Noelle Johnson.

Unfortunately for me, Zach started off his email with the following:

“Noelle Johnson, an indie-pop artist hailing from the rainshadows of the “North America’s Lavender Capital”, has debuted her new EP to the world, entitled Beautiful Soul.”

“Beautiful Soul”?



Zach’s text, coupled with the photo of Noelle (see above), set off alarm bells in my brain. I immediately thought: “Oh-oh. This is going to be hippy music. I can picture it now. It’ll have a terribly sensitive singer who’ll sing wistfully about oceans and butterflies and all that kind of stuff, all accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It’s going to be terribly, terribly sensitive.”

I’m glad I ignored my instant reaction, because I listened to Noelle’s EP and liked it.

And here it is:

Noelle JohnsonBeautiful Soul EP (2013)

Thanks, Zach, for introducing me to the thankfully-not-very-hippy Noelle.

Official website
Dungeness Records