Song of the day: Noiseworks – "Hot Chilli Woman"

September 13, 2010

The last couple of posts here have been a right royal Pet Sounds love fest – not to mention both of them featuring non-Australian artists on this purportedly Australian blog (although I just mentioned it).

I can’t think of an Australian version of something that sounds like Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, so I’ll take that as a cue to move away from All Things Non-Australian and All Things Wilson. I’ll have to leave behind beach-related-baroque-pop-infused-with-melancholy for the time being. Instead, I have something a little more up-tempo for you.

Here to blow the cobwebs out of your speakers (or headphones) is an Australian blast of testosterone-fuelled fun:

Noiseworks – “Hot Chilli Woman” (1991)


I must admit that the two main reasons I chose this track are the “yeah-yeah”s (I really like those “yeah-yeah”s) and the little (possibly unintentional) reference to “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” at 2:34. Yeah-yeah!

Noiseworks official website