Song of the day: Offcutts – "Break It Down (James Brown)"

September 27, 2010

Yesterday I ventured away from Australia but stayed on the power pop path. Today it’s the reverse: I’m going to stay in Australia but venture ever so gently off the power pop path. Hopefully, there won’t be a revolt. (As in “Peter, what’s that garbage you’re playing now?” Get it off!”) It may not be what you’re hoping to hear (I’m guessing that you’re hoping to hear power pop), but I hope you have a listen to it.

(Many apologies for the ridiculous amount of hope in the above paragraph.)

Anyway, here are Offcutts, a band I know exactly 0.00% about, with a song that is possibly an ode to James Brown (or not – who knows in this post-modern/post-ironic/post-something era we seem to be living in?):

Offcutts – “Break It Down (James Brown)” (2003)


I like the funky groove of the song. And I like the guitar rhythm borrowed from Jimi Hendrix.

By the way, I had to use a photo of James Brown for this post (well, it made sense to me) because I couldn’t find one of Offcutts*.

Offcutts on MySpace

(*I have some advice: if you want to look for a photo of Offcutts, don’t. When I searched for images using the word “offcutts”, the results were primarily of things I’d rather not mention.**)

(**If you really want to know, think of things like hand injuries in great detail. And when I say “great” here, I don’t mean “very good”. Yuk. I don’t ever want to search for “offcutts” ever again.)

Update: My friend Col managed to find a photo of Offcutts. Thanks, Col!

But I have to ask: why is one of the members holding a leaf blower? Are they being post-modern/post-ironic/post-something here? (I just can’t tell with these modern bands.)