Song of the day: Only The Sea Slugs – "Big Sky"

March 6, 2011

I was contacted by a chap called Will (Hi, Will!) who’s looking after the public relations aspect of an Australian band called Only The Sea Slugs. With a band name like that, I think Will have his work cut out for him.

(E.g., Will on the phone to a prospective listener: “Hi, can I interest you in Sea Slugs? No, not sea slugs in general, Only The Sea Slugs. No, they’re a band. Yes. Made up of people. Not sea slugs. But the band’s called Only The Sea Slugs. Yes. No. There aren’t any sea slugs in the band. Only people. That called their band Only The Sea Slugs. Hello? Are you still there? Hello?” etc.)

Will asked me to have a listen to a song they’ve recently released. I’m glad Will asked me, because whenever somebody asks me to listen to a new song I leap at the chance. New music! Yay! The only downside is that I may listen to something that makes me shout “New music! Boo!” instead. Thankfully, in this case there were no boos* involved.

Here’s Only The Sea Slugs the band with the first track from their upcoming album Street Music:

Only The Sea Slugs – “Big Sky (2011)

Despite what I think of the band’s name, I’m glad they called that song “Big Sky” because it gives me an excuse to play you this:

[Handy hint: play this very loudly]

Kate Bush – “The Big Sky (1985)


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(*Help yourself to a pun there.)