Song of the day: Orleans – "Still The One"

October 9, 2010

I’m currently listening* to Rhino‘s 25-disc set, Super Hits Of The ’70s: Have A Nice Day, and thoroughly enjoying it. (A 16½-hour behemoth containing 300 one-hit wonders and forgotten gems of the 70’s? As eine amerikanische would say: it’s a no-brainer.)

Nestled in amongst the splendours on offer in the set is this ditty:

Orleans – “Still The One (1976)


Australians of a certain vintage will instantly know that song because it was used relentlessly (and musically re-worked in various instrumental guises) by a television station from 1978 until 2006. (Yes – until 2006. Talk about cocky.) But when I heard the original again, any unpleasant thoughts of reckless TV stations overusing pop songs were banished as I listened to the whole thing and said to myself: “Hey, you know what? That’s a great pop song!”.

By the way, I have a couple of questions (that you’re under no obligation to answer):

Is “Still The One” a power pop song? If it is, then what makes it power pop? But if it isn’t, what’s not power pop about?

If you’re wasting spending time pondering those imponderables, be warned: you may be doing it again tomorrow. I have an urge** to play you another song from the series, and it’s also something that could (or could not) be considered power pop.

(*Note to self: Who cares?)

(**I could resist that urge, but I don’t want to.)