Song of the day: Tony Ronald – "Help (Get Me Some Help)"

October 17, 2010

My friend Col (Hi, Col!) suggested today’s song, and I’m glad he did. It’s a nice little slice of bubblegum that I’d never heard before. Col told me that he thought it was a “really good little pop track (in that Tony Burrows style that you love so much)”. I agree:

Tony Ronald – “Help (Get Me Some Help)” (1971)


Unfortunately for Col, the version he suggested was by a band from Singapore called Breath. (Col tried to convert his vinyl copy but alas it was not a success.) Instead, I’ve presented you with what I think is the original version by Tony Ronald, a chap from the Netherlands. The only thing I know about Tony Ronald is that he’s Dutch. Apart from that, I don’t know nothin’ – and I’m happy to leave it at that. (I think it’s good to have a little mystery about musicians.)

In the course of trying to find a listenable version of the song, I discovered that there are plenty of other versions floating around. (Who knew a song so unassuming would have a lot of cover versions?). In keeping with the song’s apparently cosmopolitan flavour, here are a few more international versions:

The Love Affair (pop group from England)
The Fevers (pop group from Brazil)
Celly Campelo (pop singer from Brazil)
Lafayette (instrumentalist from Brazil)
Ottawan (disco duo from Canada)

Link to Playlist

For me, the silliest (or, to be more accurate, the fun-est) version is the one by Lafayette. If you only want to listen to one other “Help (Get Me Some Help)”, I’d recommend that one. It’s a heap o’ fun.