Song of the day: Owsley – "Oh No The Radio"

April 8, 2010

After yesterday’s awkwardness with the Song of the day (sorry, Sunnyboys fans), I thought I’d get back to playing to something I do like. A lot.

Here’s American musician Owsley with “Oh No The Radio” (1999):


“Oh No The Radio” is the opening track on Owsley’s self-titled debut album from 1999 which has a slightly disturbing cover. (I know he’s ducking his head for the photo, but it makes him look headless. Who puts a headless guitarist on their album cover?)

As a bonus, and because I can’t stay away from this album (it’s one of my all-time favourite power pop discs), here’s another track:

Owsley – “Zavelow House” (1999)


Honestly, I could have picked any other track from the album, but that one’ll do.

Incidentally, when I played Owsley to the 19-year-old in the household who loves all things Japanese/Korean (Hi, Celeste!) she said “He sounds like that guy from Fountains Of Wayne.” Be that as it may, it doesn’t stop me from loving the album to bits.

Also incidentally, when I went looking for a link for Owsley I discovered that there’s someone called Owsley Stanley who’s apparently a “notorious LSD chemist“. The Owsley featured here today is, as far as I’m aware, not the same person.

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