Song of the day: Flap! – "The Boogieman"

May 6, 2012

Today’s post comes to you courtesy of an Australian music publicity company called Heapsaflash who told me about a band and their album.

The band is called Flap!. Musically, they’re nowhere near modern pop – or rock for that matter. They’re not influenced by the Eighties, or the Seventies, or even the Sixties. “OK,” I hear you ask, “how far back do they go?” Well, they play music in the vicinity of the Jazz Age, because the band sound as if it’s playing in some club somewhere in the Roaring Twenties.

Incidentally, when I first saw the band name I thought it may have been a reference to birds and flying, but when I heard the music I thought “Nope – it’s a reference to flappers.”

Come to think of it, there are a few Australian bands nowadays that are mining this early, pre-electric era of music-making. (There’s also The Harry James Angus Band and C.W. Stoneking among others.) I don’t quite know why this very, very old sub-sub-genre of music has popped up in Australia in the last couple of years, but it seems to be a burgeoning thing.

In a happy coincidence, I’m currently watching an Australian television program called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It’s set in Melbourne in 1928. Miss Fisher is a woman of independent means who lives life gaily whilst solving murders. The show’s on every Friday night, and I’m loving it because it evokes the era wonderfully.

The music of Flap! fits right in with Miss Fisher and her mysteries. That could be one reason why I enjoyed their album.

The album, A Great Day For The Race, is Flap!’s second (or as Americans have a habit of saying, “sophomore”). I must admit that, as with the band name, I had a way-off-base first impression. I thought the band meant that it was a great day for the human race, but then realised it must mean a race around the world.

The opening track, “The Boogieman”, announces exactly the musical milieu the band dwells in:

Flap! – “The Boogieman” (2012)


And here’s a song that’s a plea to a certain Danish (ex-Tasmanian) royal to ditch her current hubby (the Crown Prince of Denmark):

Flap! – “The Princess Mary Rag” (2012)


Oh, before I forget: I want to mention three things Flap! and their album reminded me of.

1) It reminded me of the only other album I have of this kind of stuff, Living-Room by Paris Combo. A sample track:

Paris Combo – “Terrien d’eau douce” (1999)


2) The Triplets of Belleville:

3) Flap!’s “The Boogieman” (see above) reminded me of American power pop artist Roger Klug‘s “Bogeyman”. As well as having a similar song title, I think the music’s in the same territory:

Roger Klug – “Bogeyman” (2009)


But back to Flap!’s album:

I like it. It’s fun.

If you’re interested in seeing Flap! in action, here they are:

And one last thing. Flap! covered the Steve Miller Band‘s “Abracadabra“:

Flap! – “Abracadabra (2011)

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