Song of the day: Parks – "Sweater Weather"

January 20, 2013

I was contacted by a friendly chap called Bryan (Hi, Bryan!) from something called “BreakThru Radio in NYC”. (I’m guessing the “NYC” doesn’t stand for “Not Your Cat”.)

BreakThru Radio is an Internet radio station, and one of its shows is BTR Live Studio which showcases new bands. (Or, putting it another way, bands I’ve never heard of.)

Bryan sent me a link to a very recent (January 18) performance by Parks, a band that Bryan called “Boston-based indie pop”.

Here it is:

Parks – “Sweater Weather (live on BTR Live Studio) (2013)

Parks – “Sweater Weather (2012)

Musically, it’s not really my scene. When I watched it I kept thinking of this phrase:

“I See Hipsters”.

As for what I heard, the vocals were a bit dodgy in places (ah, the perils of live performance), but the band played well, and the song was chirpy, albeit in a “We’re an indie band” kind of way.

Unfortunately for me, the name of the song only reinforced the “Hey Hey We’re The Hipsters…” nature of Parks. I’d guess for the kind of band it is (hipster indie), the article of clothing in the title couldn’t be anything else. Only an indie band would sing about “Sweater Weather”. It’s not “Bomber Jacket Weather”, “Kaftan Weather”, or even “Tutu Weather”. It’s “Sweater Weather”.

But I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade – even if it’s a Hipster Parade. “Each to their own” and all that.

I just wanted to let you know that Bryan wanted me to let you know about Parks. (Sorry if that sentence was circular.)

After all, Bryan did ask, and I can’t refuse a request, so…

Just before I stop ragging on all things hipster, I have a couple of questions for the band about the artwork accompanying the song (see top of post):

1. Why is the photo sideways? Is that a hipster thing to do?

2. Why did you use a font (this one) for the song title instead of a scanned piece of handwriting that would have made it much more unique and individual? (The text looks like handwriting, but the “e”, “a”, “t”, and the “r” in both words are identical.)

Oh, and speaking of sweaters: the only other “sweater” song I know of is this one.