Song of the day: The Party Boys – "He’s Gonna Step On You Again"

July 20, 2010

I received an email by a friendly chap or chapette* by the name of Googs who asked me to play a track by Australian “good-time” (i.e., drinking beer and playing music loudly) band The Party Boys. No problem, Googs.

The Party Boys were a loose agglomeration of Australian and international rock music veterans who occasionally got together to play, drink, record, and drink. (Par-ty! Par-ty!)

So, here to help you stomp your way through the day (well, at least for four minutes) are those aforementioned good-time boys:

The Party Boys – “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” (1987)


Apart from the extra stomping, I don’t think the PBs’ version sounds terribly different from the original by John Kongos:

John Kongos – “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” (1971)


Although plenty of artists have recorded the song, I won’t waste your time with all of the international ones. I’ll just pester you with the Australian ones…

In addition to the one by The Party Boys, there’s one by an Adelaide punk band:

Exploding White Mice – “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” (1987)


And there’s one by an 80’s girl group:

Chantoozies – “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” (1987)


I only managed to get through about 17 seconds of the Chantoozies version.

By the way, if there’s an artist or song you’d like to hear, just give me a hoy. I’m eager to play requests. (I’ll play anything.)

(*It’s a little difficult to tell the gender of someone who call themselves “Googs”.)