Song of the day: Pat Campo – "JTITM (Just Text It To Me)"

November 18, 2011

The splendid, marvellous, and tremendously lovely Shae (Hi, Shae!) over at the American artist-wrangling company Luck Media & Marketing let me know about one of her artistes, a young chappy by the name of Pat Campo (Hi, Pat!) and his new song, “JTITM (Just Text It To Me)”. I have to confess that because I wasn’t paying much attention to that acronym, when I glanced at “JTITM” I thought it was a little rude. (Take away the “J” and “M” and you’ll know what I mean.) But then I paid attention to the bit after the acronym that explains what the whole thing stands for and it made sense. I have a feeling that I’m not keeping up with text message lingo and the flurry of acronyms that keep getting added to the English language at an alarming rate.

Anyway, Pat has a video for the song. (Shae told me about it.) I had a look at it, and was mightily impressed. It’s rather creative:

That track appears on Pat’s EP of the same name. (Or, as he calls it in a frenzy of acronyms: JTITM EP.)

Unfortunately, for the first minute of the video I wanted to straighten the iPhone in the top left corner – but, I’m pleased to say, as the video progressed the phones were rearranged. (Trivia: they were rearranged by Pat, who made that video in one take.)

Incidentally, if you liked the video but weren’t particularly keen on the music (it might be a bit too dance-clubby for your tastes), you might like this song by Pat more*:

Pat Campo – “Belong” (2011)


One more thing I have to admit in addition to the admissions above (this post is turning into a confessional), I have to say that for some reason the combination of Pat’s name and the cover for Pat’s EP makes me think of…

Postman Pat

Maybe it’s the uniform.

Pat Campo official website
Pat Campo on Facebook
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Pat Campo on Twitter
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(*Note to self: “…this song by Pat more…” is poor grammar, Peter. It sounds like the song is by someone called Pat More. Think a bit harder the next time you’re constructing sentences.)