Song of the day: Pat Travers – "I La La La Love You"

February 24, 2011

I hadn’t planned on playing you today’s song, but I’m on a non-Australian roll at the moment so I thought I’d sneak it in before the howls of protest (i.e., “Where are the Australian songs, you dolt?”) became too loud.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the 1983 movie Valley Girl, but if you’re a power pop fan then I guess you have because of the magnificent appearance of The Plimsouls‘ “A Million Miles Away” in a pivotal scene in the film. It’s the scene in which the two main characters go to a club where The Plimsouls are playing, and while “A Million Miles Away” is blasting out of the speakers the two main characters undergo a realisation*:

(*The movie is a romantic comedy, and you know the formula –
   1. boy meets girl
   2. boy and girl fall in love
   3. boy loses girl
   4. boy gets girl back
– so you’d be able to guess quite successfully that their realisation is going to be one of those particular plot devices.)

Power pop fans everywhere (well, maybe just in the US) at the time enthused about how a great power pop song managed to be so prominently featured in a popular movie. I think “A Million Miles Away” is a fabulous song, and its placement in the movie is even more fabulous (the right song for the right scene), but that’s not what I’m playing you today.

The song I’m playing you today also appeared in the comedy/romance film (I’d rather not call it a romcom if you don’t mind), but in a different part of the movie. It’s a scene where the main characters are in a car driving through the city at night (on their way to the club where The Plimsouls played and the main characters had their realisation). When I heard the song I got terribly excited. Another case of the right song for the right scene:

Pat Travers – “I La La La Love You” (1982)


Here’s the scene in the movie that contains the song – and a great bit of dialogue (involving someone refusing to get out of the car, and the driver’s response):

I’ll try to play you an Australian song tomorrow.