Musical coincidences # 83

February 19, 2011

I hadn’t planned on pestering you with any more coincidences involving Sherbet [see earlier post], but this one is so brazen that I couldn’t resist presenting it to you. I don’t know if you’ll be as gobsmacked as I was when I first heard it, but I’ll just present it to you and let you decide how naughty Sherbet were.

First up, here’s Sherbet in 1981 after their career in Australia as kings of the teenyboppers had taken a nosedive and they tried launching an AOR career in America as The Sherbs. This is the chorus of their non-hit “We Ride Tonight”:

The Sherbs – “We Ride Tonight” (1981) (main tune in the chorus)


And now here’s something you’re no doubt extremely familiar with:

Patti Smith Group – “Because The Night (1978) (main tune in the chorus)


I mean, really! What were Sherbet The Sherbs thinking? That no-one would notice? Were they hoping that their fans had never heard any music by Patti Smith? Or even Bruce Springsteen?


Here are the full versions:

The Sherbs – “We Ride Tonight” (1981)


Patti Smith Group – “Because The Night (1978)


Bruce Springsteen – “Because The Night (1978)