Song of the day: Pete Carr – "Promise This"

September 10, 2012

My friend Scott (Yowser, Scotty!) recently recommended a song by an Australian musician chappy person called Pete Carr. (His exact words were: “This guy is a talent*!”)

Although the song Scotty recommended didn’t do much for me (translation: I didn’t like it), I thought I might as well have a listen to some of Pete’s other songs. One of them is today’s song which I don’t mind at all (translation: I liked it a whole lot more than the other one).

Pete Carr – “Promise This (2012)

And here’s another song by Pete that I didn’t mind:

Pete Carr – “Quiet Ocean And Tide (2012)

PS: I think my parentheses are getting out of hand. (I really do.) It’s been said that parentheses are a sign of an untidy mind, a mind that can’t focus properly on any given topic. I’d agree with that.

(*As opposed to a “tall ant”.)