Song of the day: Peter Skellern – "Hard Times"

January 16, 2012

I’m currently listening to a 2011 compilation album, Sugar Sugar: The Birth Of Bubblegum Pop” and almost* thoroughly enjoying it. As many of the songs prompted me to reminisce (ah, the power of popular music), I remembered a non-bubblegum song that I haven’t heard in years. It was released in 1975 (when I was 14), and I was batty** about it:

Peter Skellern – “Hard Times” (1975)


Yep. I’m still batty about it.

(*There are a few songs on the compilation that I think shouldn’t be there because I don’t think they’re bubblegum songs. As far as I’m concerned, songs like “Da Doo Ron Ron“, “I Got You Babe“, “Brand New Key“, “Crocodile Rock” and a few others have no place on a bubblegum compilation.)

(**”Batty”: a musical expression meaning “extremely enthusiastic to the point of mania”.)