Song of the day: Michael Holm – "I Will Return"

September 22, 2011

Today’s song by German singer Michael Holm is one I have a love/hate relationship with. I think it’s one of the dreariest songs I’ve ever heard – but I also think it’s horrendously catchy. Aaargh!

Michael Holm – “I Will Return” (1972)


If you’re wondering why a German ballad is on an Australian power pop blog, it’s because it was on an Australian K-Tel album, 20 Solid Hits Vol. 3, and that’s where I heard it. Over and over again. (I loved those K-Tel albums when I was a nipper.)

As a bonus, here’s the original version. It was an instrumental written and recorded single-handedly* by British musician Phil Cordell under the pseudonym Springwater:

(*He probably used both his hands.)

Springwater – “I Will Return” (1971)


Phil re-recorded the song in 1985 under his own name, this time with vocals:

Phil Cordell – “I Will Return” (1985)


But back to German singer Michael Holm…

Herr Holm released a song in 1975 called “I’ll Return”, but it’s not “I Will Return”. I think the 1975 song is even drearier – and nowhere near as catchy:

Michael Holm – “I’ll Return” (1975)

By the way, here’s a photo of Michael:

That’s one of the nicest haircuts I’ve ever seen.

Michael Holm official website