Song of the day: Gavin Guss – "Riga In The Fall"

February 2, 2013

Some time ago I talked about (I was going to say “reviewed”, but I’m hopeless at proper reviews) On High, an album by American musician Gavin Guss.

Well, I received an email saying that Gavin has released one of the album’s songs as a 7″ single (in hipster-attracting vinyl).

The song is “Riga In The Fall“, and it’s very nice.

To celebrate “Riga In The Fall” being released into the wild, a video has been made of it:

Gavin Guss – “Riga In The Fall (2012)

Gavin Guss – Riga in the Fall from Fin Records on Vimeo

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the song (or re-acquainted if you read my earlier post), here are the details about the single (I nicked the text from the Fin Records page where you can buy it):

7″ coke-bottle clear vinyl, artistically packaged with care and love. Limited to 500, hand-numbered copies, “Riga in the Fall” is meant to be savored. Digital download included.

Back when I, er, “reviewed” the album, I said “Riga In The Fall” reminded me of this:

Pink Floyd – “Us And Them (1973)
[From 0:34 onwards]

Well, now it reminds me more of this:

The Alan Parsons Project – “Day After Day (The Show Must Go On) (1977)

Official website

I think all three are exceptionally pleasant songs.

Thanks, Gavin, for writing and recording a track that – for me at least – keeps very nice company with two splendid songs.

Musical coincidences # 300

September 15, 2012

And another coincidence with Electric Light Orchestra‘s ever-nickin’ Jeff Lynne. Admittedly this is a tiny coincidence, but it annoyed me enough to put it on this here blog.

Jeff, being songwriter and producer, decided to start one of his songs with the rhythmic sound of non-musical objects…

Electric Light Orchestra – “On The Run” (1979) (excerpt)


…just like Pink Floyd did six years earlier:

Pink FloydMoney (1973) (excerpt)



Here are the full versions:

Electric Light Orchestra – “On The Run” (1979)


Pink FloydMoney (1973)



Musical coincidences # 132

October 6, 2011

Today’s coincidence comes courtesy of my friend Stonefish (Hi, Stonewashed!) and his music blog. A few days ago, Stoney posted an utterly dreadful* song by Ellen Foley called “Young Lust”. It starts with this guitar riff:

Ellen Foley – “Young Lust” (1979) (excerpt)


As it kept being repeated, that riff sounded familiar to me but I couldn’t quite figure where I’d heard it – or something like it – before. It took me quite a while of having that riff tumbling about in my head until I remembered where I’d heard it before – it’s the “Get a hold of yourself now baby” bit in the middle eight of The Move‘s “I Can Hear The Grass Grow“:

The Move – “I Can Hear The Grass Grow (1967) (excerpt)


But the more I heard that tune in my head, the more I thought “I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere else as well.” And then it dawned on me:

The Yardbirds – “Heart Full Of Soul (1965) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Ellen Foley – “Young Lust” (1979)


The Move – “I Can Hear The Grass Grow (1967)


The Yardbirds – “Heart Full Of Soul (1965)


OK. That’s it for the musical coincidences. There is one more coincidence involving Ellen Foley’s song, though. It reminded me of another song, but only because of the title. It reminded me of this:

Pink Floyd – “Young Lust (1979)


(*That’s only my opinion. You, on the other hand, may think it’s a very good song.)