Song of the day: Plastic Tree – "Kuuchuu Buranko"

August 17, 2011

I’m afraid that today’s song has a bit of a back-story to it. I’ll try not to take too long telling it…

Yesterday’s song was “Only If You Wanna” by Perth band Team Jedi. When I played it to 20-year-old daughter Celeste (Hi, Celeste!), lover of all things J-Rock (i.e., Japanese pop and rock music), she said “That sounds like Plastic Tree.” Thankfully, I knew what she was talking about.

Plastic Tree is a Japanese rock band. Musically, they’re a moody bunch – probably because they idolise The Cure. However, Plastic Tree’s songs don’t actually sound much like The Cure. It’s more a vibe thing. Plastic Tree have a sort of Cure sensibility. They have large unkempt hair and act all mopey when they’re on stage. The singer has a lost puppy look (helped by his habit of wearing oversized cardigans and staring downward, appearing forlorn). I dare say this would drive his young female fans wild, as they dream of giving him a big hug and telling him that everything will be alright.

Anyway, I’ve heard quite a few Plastic Tree tracks (thanks, Celeste!) and enjoy most of them, but there’s one in particular I like a lot. It’s slow and moody, and the song features some extra moody drum work, specifically on the tom-toms. Whenever I think about Plastic Tree, the first track I want to hear again is the one with all the tom-toms in it. I can never remember the name of the song, so I just call it “The Tom-Tom Song.”

When Celeste mentioned that yesterday’s song sounded like Plastic Tree, my instant response was: “Hey Celeste, what’s that tom-tom song of theirs? I really want to hear it again.”

And here’s The Tom-Tom Song:

Plastic Tree – “Kuuchuu Buranko (2006)


Plastic Tree official website