Song of the day: Poco – "You Better Think Twice"

January 3, 2013

I’m still brainless from Christmas (Christmas!) so I’m here to warn you that for the time being I’ll be putting pretty much anything that comes my way on this blog, rather than spending time looking out for Australian power pop.

This also applies to the bands who asked me during the Christmas period to listen to their music and possibly mention it on the blog. To those bands I apologise profusely, and say that I will get around to your music. Eventually.

But until my brain comes back, you’re going to be subjected to nonsense posts.

For example, my friend Stephen (Hi, Stephen!) is a fan of country rock, and he occasionally sends me links to country rock songs. Although I like some of them, I usually decide not to put them on the blog because those country rock bands are: a) not Australian; and b) not power pop.

However, yesterday morning Stephen sent me a link to “You Better Think Twice” 1970 song by Poco. I must have been in an early-70’s country rock mood at the precise moment I clicked on the “play” button, because I loved both the song and video. I was fascinated by the show’s star, John Byner, who is someone I’ve never heard of before. Hudging by the video, he appears to be a comedian. (Update: Wikipedia tells me he’s a comedian.)

If you’re allergic to country rock or cheesy 70’s television variety shows (or both), you may not be as pleased as I was about the whole Poco-on-a-boat scenario.

(As a-merkins* like to say: “Your mileage may vary”.)

But I loved it.

Poco – “You Better Think Twice (1970)


(*People from a-merka.)

Musical coincidences # 289

August 23, 2012

This coincidence is tiny (it’s only two notes), but before you dismiss it out of hand (or ear) please repeat to yourself: “phrasing and harmonies, phrasing and harmonies, phrasing and harmonies…”

Poco – “Flyin’ Solo” (1975) (excerpt)


Eagles – “Witchy Woman (1972) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Poco – “Flyin’ Solo” (1975)


Eagles – “Witchy Woman (1972)