Musical coincidence # 316

October 15, 2012

I’m a fan of British musician Paul Steel and most of his musical incarnations. (There are four* that I know of. I don’t like one of them.)

One of Paul’s alter-egos is Pop, and one of his Pop songs is “Transistor Radio” which contains the following melodee:

Pop – “Transistor Radio (2011) (excerpt)


That sure sounds familiar to me…

Kool & The Gang – “Celebration (1980) (excerpt)


If Paul doesn’t mind too much, I’d like to put ’em together and see how it sounds:

Pop / Kool & The Gang mash-up



Here are the full versions:

Pop – “Transistor Radio (2011)

Kool & The Gang – “Celebration (1980) (excerpt)


(*Paul Steel, LL Cosmonaut, Cold Crows Dead, Pop – and you can hear them all here.)

Song of the day: Pop – "Impossibly You"

March 19, 2012

I’m going to continue this run of non-rockin’ songs for one more day (i.e., today) with a track from British one-man-band wunderkind musician Paul Steel (see previous posts for gushing). As well as releasing music under his own name, he’s also created a new alter-ego called LL Cosmonaut, is in a band called Stars and Sons, created another alter-ego with Cold Crows Dead, and is in a band called Pop. (Actually, that may just be another alter-ego.)

Under the “Pop” name, here’s the wonderfully Bacharachian “Impossibly You”:

Pop – “Impossibly You (2012)

Incidentally, that wasn’t Paul singing. It was Luke Sital-Singh, who I’d like to call “Mr. Smooth”.

Here’s another “Pop” song:

Pop – “South American Girl (2012)

I’ll get back to the rockin’ poppin’ power-poppin’-rockin’ songs tomorrow. (Note to self: find a power pop song to play tomorrow.)

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