Song of the day: The Prefects – "Wait Until Midnight"

January 26, 2011

I’ll try to make the (very dull) reasons for today’s post as short as possible:

  1. Australia has a national (i.e., government funded) free-to-air television station called ABC Television (like the BBC in Britain, or whatever the American equivalent is – if America has one).
  2. ABC Television has a weekly music video program called rage (lowercase “r” deliberate) that’s shown overnight every weekend (Friday night/Saturday morning, and Saturday night/Sunday morning).
  3. All this month rage has been showing old shows from its archives. The ABC does it every January, and calls it “rage goes retro“.
  4. One of the programs rage has been showing is Countdown, which was the Australian weekly TV music program for teens in the 70’s and 80’s. It played both Australian and overseas acts, and was instrumental (pun semi-intended) in launching the careers of plenty of artists (including ABBA – yay!).
  5. Last weekend rage played some of those old Countdown episodes. One of them was from December 20, 1981, and the episode was called “Australian Made in 1981”. It featured only Australian artists.
  6. One of the Australian acts on the episode was a band from Perth that I’d completely forgotten about (and you’ve probably never heard of).
  7. The band was The Prefects, and the song they played mimed to on the Countdown episode was called “Wait Until Midnight”.
  8. I saw (and heard) it and thought “Yeah, I reckon that’d go well on the blog. I think people will enjoy it as much as I did. I’ll see if I can rustle up an MP3 of it from somewhere.”
  9. I found an MP3 of it, but the sound quality was pretty awful. It sounded like a very low quality rip from that Countdown episode.
  10. Due to the awfulness of that MP3 I decided instead to whip out some video and audio programs, convert the broadcast into something you can see (and hear), and present it to you that way.

Boy, that was a lot of nonsense just to let you know that I found a song you might like.

Anyway, here are The Prefects with a song I saw and enjoyed last weekend:

The Prefects – “Wait Until Midnight” (1981)
[Update: The MP3 that was originally here came from the video, but thanks to fabulously helpful commenter “ososober” who has the song in his collection, that’s here instead. Woohoo! Thanks, ososober.]