Musical coincidences # 37

January 4, 2010

Following on from yesterday’s coincidence involving songs that borrow aspects of other songs far too liberally for me to fully enjoy, here’s another one.

Kelly Jones is a peppy, perky, and pulchitrudinous popster who released a fun, fun, fun album in 2008 called SheBANG!. It’s a very enjoyable collection of upbeat songs that are reminiscent of 60’s girl singers and girl groups. Yum.

Here’s the opening track, “There Goes My Baby,” a wonderful slice of pure pop:

Kelly Jones – “There Goes My Baby” (2008)


However, for me it borrows a little too much from:

The Pretenders – “Don’t Get Me Wrong (1986)



Inspiration? Influence? Homage? Theft? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I have my own thoughts (theft!), but I’ll keep them to myself (outright theft!) so as not to influence your opinion.

Well, whatever your verdict, I hope you don’t experience what I do when listening to that Kelly Jones song: whenever I’m listening to “There Goes My Baby” I’m also hearing “Don’t Get Me Wrong.” At the same time.