Song of the day: Prevrat – "Safe Distance"

June 8, 2013

As with yesterday’s post involving a band whose music I wasn’t entirely keen on, here’s an artist whose music doesn’t do much for me either. But the artist did ask me to let you know about it.

The artist in question goes by the name of Prevrat, and he’s from Kansas City (in America).

Prevrat’s Bandcamp page describes his music as a “chilled out ambient glide”. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of “chilled out ambient” anything.

I’d describe it as “jangly techno”.

It didn’t float my musical boat in any way, but I didn’t hate what I heard. I just wasn’t, er, on its wavelength. I dare say this music would sound highly enjoyable if your brain was chemically altered in ways that are not currently legal.

Anyway, you may respond to it more positively.