Song of the day: Purson – "Leaning On A Bear"

April 15, 2013

On the weekend I watched the Saturday night episode of music program rage (deliberately lowercase) for its guest programmer. (rage has one every Saturday night.)

The guest programmer for that episode was Jim Kerr, the original Crouching Rock Star from Simple Minds. I enjoyed the songs that young Jim programmed. (Most of them were very familiar but there were a few nice surprises.)

It just occurred to me that I didn’t need to tell you any of that, because today’s song has nothing to do with Jim’s playlist. The video for it appeared after Jim’s choice of songs had played. When Jim’s playlist had finished, rage played a selection of new music videos. Of those new songs (there were 18 of ’em), I liked approximately two. I’ll play you the first one today and the other one tomorrow.

So, after two pointless paragraphs here is today’s song. It’s by a band I know nothing about.

When I watched the video on rage and marvelled at its blatantly retro sound, I pondering the following:

“This sounds like a combination of Yes and Deep Purple.”


“What year is this? 1972?”

Although it sounds to me like it was written and recorded in 1972, it was released only a couple of weeks ago.

By the way, I must let you know that I found the video unwatchable due to the video effects. If you’re at all sensitive to psychedelic visuals in music videos, you may also end up watching the video with your hands over your eyes.

Purson – “Leaning On A Bear” (2013)

Metal Blade Records