Song of the day: Queued Up – "Wringin’ Wet"

January 29, 2013

I’m going to try and catch up with a few band requests that I’ve inexplicable, inexcusably, and intolerably neglected over the last month or two.

I’ll try to make these posts as short and to the point as possible, and not do my usual thing by waffling on, employing prolixity and verbosity for no apparent reason, and…

Sorry, I’m waffling again. (Short and to the point, Peter.)

I started the request-a-rama yesterday with Hot Nun, so they’re out of the way (i.e., I mentioned them). I’ll see who’s next.

Hang on…

OK. I’ve checked my emails, and there are five more bands to mention. Eek!

I’ll sort through them in reverse order – i.e., the oldest request first.

Today’s band is Queued Up, and they’re from Portland, Oregon. (As opposed to Portland, New Zealand, population 993.)

Queued Up asked me to listen to their music on December 12 last year. That’s almost two months ago. And it was last year. Last year.

Now that I’ve heard their self-titled EP, I can ask myself: “Why did you take so long to listen to it, Peter? It was only four songs.”

And now that I’ve heard the EP a number of times (that number being five), I can tell you four things I noticed:

1. I liked the songs.

2. The singer’s voice reminds me of A.C. Newman from The New Pornographers.

3. The music consists of energetic skinny-tie songs. To my ears, it’s new wave power pop circa 1980. Although I’m not a huge fan of skinny-tie power pop, I enjoyed the songs on the EP (see point 1) and wouldn’t mind hearing more. Actually, I reckon quite a few readers of this blog – the ones who are much more partial to skinny-tie power pop than I am – would love the music of Queued Up.

4. It’s a free download.

Oh, and speaking of things I noticed…

I don’t usually talk about the appearance of individual band members, but I want to point something I noticed about the chap on the far left of the EP cover:

To me, that chap’s face is a combination of Australian television personality James Mathison and American actor George Clooney:

James Mathison
George Clooney
guy from Queued Up

Right. One band down, four to go.

Official website